On "The Adventures of Jefferson Keyes", Cool Million member Frank Ryle goes solo, delivering a sumptuous debut album chock full of slick, Disco and Boogie influenced Soul and Jazz-Funk.

RYLE "The Adventures of Jefferson Keyes"

He's drawn on his bulging contacts book, roping in singers and musicians from Germany, Denmark, the UK and U.S.A.
These include Soul man Kenny Thomas, Danish singer Gregers (who guests on the impeccable boogie jam "Busy Dreamin") and current Incognito member Sulene Fleming, whose confident vocals seemingly soar over the rich, organic Disco-Funk grooves of album highlight "Lift Your Head Up".
These headline contributions are backed up by sensational playing and deft production, making "The Adventures of Jefferson Keyes" a revivalist Disco-Boogie treat.
(source juno.co.uk)

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